As mentioned, although altitude training is a well established practice in many sports, for some sports it can be considered innovation. New protocols and tools (hypobaric tents or chambers) might also be considered innovations. 3.6 Most important innovation areas: the perspective from sport Table 3.1 shows the distribution of types of innovation from a sports perspective. We asked respondents what the two most important innovations in their sport(s) were. They categorized these innovations according to categories provided (multiple answers possible). The table shows, for example, that of all innovations mentioned by cycling experts, five percent were biomechanics-related. The main findings from this analysis are: • training methods, performance measurement and technical innovations dominate; • biomechanics is particularly important in athletics, rowing and swimming; • sporting equipment innovations play a large role in cycling, while tactical innovations dominate in judo and sailing. 3 RESULTS 28 Pagina 27

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