Having access to such a remarkable panel of experts, we would be foolish not to ask them about their expectations regarding sport innovations in the near future. What do they expect to be the main areas in which sport innovations will improve sporting performance during the current Olympiad (up until the Rio Games in 2016)? Multiple answers were possible. Experts were quite divided in their opinion, expecting innovations in many areas, with training methods and sporting equipment having a slight edge over nutrition and performance measurement. For some areas of innovation there is a substantial difference between the two groups of experts. Compared to their scientific colleagues, sport experts place higher emphasis on developments in training methods and sport facilities. On the other hand the scientific experts expect more from physiology and sporting equipment. All experts considered cycling and athletics the most likely sports where innovations will improve performance in the coming years. Sport respondents seem to slightly favor sailing as a sport for innovation whereas science experts expect swimming to be the most important sport. 5 EXPECTATIONS 42 Pagina 41

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