Information question 8! If you have selected the option ‘multiple sports’ in the previous question, please select the two sports in which you consider yourself most informed, regarding innovation. If you have selected the option ‘one sport’ in the previous question, just select one sport. Question 8 In which sport(s) would you consider yourself reasonably informed when it comes to innovation? … Athletics … Cycling … Equestrian … Gymnastics … Judo … Hockey … Rowing … Sailing … Swimming … Volleyball … Other: _______________________________________________________ Tip ‘multiple sports’ Memorize or write down the two sports you selected, please start with the sport that comes first alphabetically. So if you selected Athletics and Hockey, you will receive questions about Athletics (sport1) and Hockey (sport 2). When selected a sport in ‘other’, this always will be sport 2. 8 APPENDIX 58 Pagina 57

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