Question 28 Would you consider the innovation to be more: … an improvement of an existing product/idea … a completely new product/idea … Other: _______________________________________________________ Question 29 Does the innovation come from your country of residence? … Yes … No … If no, which country?: ___________________________________________ Question 30 Which organisation/person has been the initiator of the innovation? ______________________________________________________________ Question 31 Which organisations were involved in the creation of the innovation, in terms of time/effort?(Provide an estimate in regard to the extent that organizations have contributed to the innovation in terms of time/effort by dividing 100% over each column) Athletes/ coaches National association or Olympic committee Knowledge/ research institutions Government institutions Commercial companies Other organisation type ________ % ________ % ________ % ________ % ________ % ________ % Please describe the type of the ‘Other organisation’: _________________________________________________________________ SPORT & INNOVATION: A SUCCESS STORY? 63 Pagina 62

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