2.1 Methodology In order to identify the most important innovations and developments in ten major Olympic sports during the last Olympiad (2008-2012) we required access to international experts on sport innovations. We selected ten major Olympic sports (athletics, cycling, equestrian, gymnastics, judo, field hockey, rowing, sailing, swimming and volleyball) and after analyzing recent World Cups and Olympics, we identified the dominant and rapidly developing countries in each of these sports. These sport/country-combinations became the focus of our international search for experts. Using desk research and our international network in the field of sport governing bodies, research institutes, coordinating organizations in sport innovations, government and commercial parties, we compiled a list of more than 300 relevant experts in more than twenty countries on all continents. We invited these experts to participate in the project by sending them an introductory email with a link to a purpose designed web-based questionnaire. The survey was sent out on November 2, 2012. The final deadline for completion was November 30. 2 RESEARCH 12 Pagina 11

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