2.2 Responses From our panel of experts we received 54 completed questionnaires (18%). 34 of the 54 questionnaires (63%) came from sport experts who were sent ‘sport’ questionnaires. The other twenty responses came from experts we considered to have a scientific background. They had received questionnaires with a more scientific focus.* Based on the response rate and the distribution of experts across various sports, countries and scientific areas we feel reasonably confident that our findings present a first indication of major trends and developments in sport innovation. However, we do realize that time and resource restrictions have limited our ability to fully benefit from the expertise of the population of sport innovation experts around the world. Desk research about experts concentrated on the following organizations: • sport governing bodies; • research institutes; • coordinating organizations in sport innovation; • government; • commercial companies. * Due to the technical constraints of our electronic questionnaire we were not able to send all experts two questionnaires, forcing us to make an upfront selection between sport and scientific experts. We did so based on the available insights from our network and desk research. In paragraph 2.7 we present the opinion of the experts themselves. When presenting the results of the survey, we make a distinction between ‘sport’ and ‘science’ related responses. 2 RESEARCH 14 Pagina 13

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