We will briefly elaborate on the three dominant areas of sport innovations. First we will discuss the area of performance measurement. Second will be sporting equipment, followed by training methods. 3.3 Performance measurement By far the most innovations mentioned by our experts were related to registration and monitoring of performance of athletes or the measurement equipment itself. We grouped the various methods, devices and applications as follows. According to our experts, the use of video analysis is the dominant sport innovation during the last Olympiad. We are aware that video analysis is not a major innovation but rather, that the innovation lies in using new software and integrating several analysis protocols. Also, one sport’s proven practice can be another sport’s innovation. Among the specific innovations mentioned were: • installing video bracket(s) and small camera’s on boats (sailing); • camera registration in and around the pool (swimming); • video-analysis software (e.g. Dartfish, Utilius); • video glasses; • motion sensors; • wind tunnel testing; • power measurement. SPORT & INNOVATION: A SUCCESS STORY? 25 Pagina 24

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