3.2 Most significant innovation fields We also asked the experts which of the innovations they identified had the most significant impact on sport performance. They could name a maximum of two innovations. From their answers (n=98) we learned that the top three prevalent areas were also the most significant, with an even greater emphasis on innovations in the area of performance measurement. Innovations in biomechanics were valued relatively high. Seven percent of significant innovations were related to biomechanics versus only four percent in the prevalence inventory. For strength and conditioning this result was reversed. More than the sport experts, the scientific experts indicated that innovations in training methods had a significant impact on sport performance. Technical Sports All experts Sciences Biomechanics Medical Mental Method of training Nutrition Organizational Performance measurement Physiology Sporting equipment Sporting facilities Strenght/Conditioning Tactical Figure 3.2 Most significant areas of innovation. 3 RESULTS 24 Pagina 23

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