4.1 Main purpose We asked our panel members to indicate the intent of the innovations that they listed (only one answer per innovation possible). About eighty percent of all innovations were specifically applied to elite sport, with 73 percent of scientists and 88 percent of the sport respondents stating this. Innovation of elite training methods was slightly more important than using innovations during competition. Recreational or commercial reasons for innovation were mentioned a few times but are not the focus of innovation work conducted. Further analysis of the data shows that, in science, biomechanical innovations were relatively frequently used for training and commercial purposes. Not surprisingly, a relatively large proportion of the sport innovations in physiology were mainly used during elite competition. It is noteworthy that in athletics, innovations were often conducted with training and commercial outcomes in mind. Table 4.1 Main purpose of innovation. Elite sports: use during competition Elite sports: use during training Use in recreational sports General commercial purpose Other TOTAL Sport 32% 41% 3% 5% 19% 100% Science 39% 49% 5% 3% 5% 100% 4 FROM IDEA TO SUCCESS 34 Pagina 33

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