4.2 Initiators Who initiates sport innovations? We divided the answers of experts in four categories: • business (companies); • science, such as universities and individual scientists. This includes sport science institutes such as ISEAL in Australia; • sport, including athletes, coaches, National Sporting Associations and National Olympic Committees; • sport labs (such as InnoSportNL Labs in The Netherlands) or Sporting Expertise Centers, in which two or three of the parties above are participating collaboratively. We found that almost three out of ten innovations have been initiated by scientists of science institutes. The same proportion of innovations are generated in SportLabs or sport expertise centers. Remarkably, innovations are least likely to be initiated within sport itself, but this still accounts for seventeen percent of all innovations. 29% 24% 17% 29% Companies Science Sport Sport Lab/Expertise Centres Figure 4.1 Initiators of sport innovation. SPORT & INNOVATION: A SUCCESS STORY? 35 Pagina 34

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