4.6 Sporting success To what extent do the top-innovations contribute to success? To this question (multiple answers possible), 26 percent of all innovations delivered no response or a ‘don’t know’ response. For another 28 percent of all innovations the success was ‘not measurable’. Of all the innovations that could be linked to sportive successes, 85 percent contributed (or were intended to contribute) to medals at the London Olympics. Some innovations were linked to multiple successes. The experts also linked 49 percent of the innovations to medals at the World Championships. We were not in the position to determine the extent of adopting an innovation and the level of success achieved with it. 85% Medals Olympic Games 30% Personal records 49% Medal World Championship 24% International Records Figure 4.4 Contribution to success by innovation. SPORT & INNOVATION: A SUCCESS STORY? 39 Pagina 38

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