SPORT & INNOVATION: A SUCCESS STORY? 5 Other interesting insights from the survey are: • the sport itself initiates only seventeen percent of all innovations mentioned, while sporting labs and science institutes together initiate almost six out of every ten sport innovations; • companies contribute a third of the money for sport innovations and about the same in terms of time/effort. Governments contribute only twelve percent of the finances; • of the most important innovations, less than twenty percent are truly new products or services; • of the innovations for which the effects were measurable, 85 percent contributed to medals at the London Olympics. Yet almost half of all innovations were only used by one to five countries. On the other hand, a quarter of the innovations is applied by over 25 countries; • for the near future, sport experts expect the most impact from developments in training methods and sport facilities, while scientific experts expect more from physiology and sporting equipment. By preparing and distributing this report InnoSportNL aims to stimulate sport innovation related networking and cooperation across sports and scientific fields of expertise. We trust that you appreciate the insights. June 2013 Pagina 4

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