The main purpose of this study was to generate basic insights into trends and developments. Still, we would like to end with some (general) recommendations. Recommendations to stimulate the sport innovation process • athletes and coaches need to be up to date on innovations that can improve their performance in competitions and trainings. One of the main findings of this survey is that the majority of prominent innovations have helped to win (Olympic) medals; • athletes and coaches should, at an early stage, formulate their thoughts, needs and wishes to scientists more often to develop a more demand driven innovation process; • sporting labs, embedded scientists and project management can help bridging the existing gap between scientists and sport experts. The survey showed that both worlds often have different ideas and expectations about sport innovations. Recommendations to stimulate knowledge development on sport innovations This research offers a first insight into the international trends and developments in sport innovations. Although it provides us new information on this subject, further research is needed. 7 RECOMMENDATIONS 50 Pagina 49

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